Common Business entitiesMaking the decision as to which entity to go for A venture into business normally entails registering a company. The most common business entities on the market are the corporations and limited liability companies (LLC’s). In order to get company incorporation, you need to know what kind of business you need to venture into. A number of small to medium sized business to take up the LLC or the corporation company formation…Such businesses are normally armed with the knowledge that when they do run a well organized business, then they are shielded from personal liabilities for the omissions or acts of the business. Choosing the right business entity for your business is normally dictated by a number of things. It is dictated by the company setup, by tax considerations, and how the assets therein are to be treated. Since technically, there is no defined way of choosing the right entity for your company formation, there is a need to carefully look into a number of factors such as the business’ strategies and goals. A look at the corporation entity Company incorporation can either take on the C or S corporation entity. The C Corporation is taken up by a number of large companies ideally those that trade in the public area. Such a company setup normally takes on the cream of the cream when it comes down to the businesses it is able to land, simply because it boasts of an unlimited shareholders in different categories, numerous classes of stock, retention of corporate earnings and calendar tax year. Such business however tend to be taxed doubly. Such a company formation is taxed once at the corporate level and then taxed again at the shareholder level when there is a distribution of profits by way of dividends. The S corporation is another company formation that is much the same as the C Corporation, with the major difference being that the double taxation part of the former is avoided since the individual shareholders are the only ones that are taxed. A look at Limited Liability Company (LLC). The Limited Liability Company is a business entity for a company setup that provides the company with a certain level of flexibility when it comes down to how is capital contributions are treated, in addition to how its profits and losses are allocated to its owners while at the same time shielding them from personal liabilities. There is no entity level income tax levied on this entity and taxation is made as a partnerships as the profits and losses are being passed through to its members. The choice between the two A choice between the two will generally depend on your business needs. Your company setup will generally determine which is the best choice for you. In other words, you have the choice between a company incorporation that gets doubly taxed and one that doesn’t. It might also depend on the kind of clients you wan tin your business and how you seek to maintain their level of comfort in your business.

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Starting from 1 April 2023, the Business Registration (BR) fee will resume to HK$2150 from HK$150

2023-02-24 10:31:18
From 17 June 2022, the Business Registration (BR) fee reduced to HK$150 (from HK$250).

Based on this new arrangement, the incorporation package fee is now HK$3,500 - 1 day Express Package / HK$3,280 - Standard package / HK$2980 - Green package.

For clients who do not want to wait for 5 working days, easyCorp also provides the 1 day tailor-made incorporation service to client who needs a company immediately with a small surcharge. This is the fastest you can find in Hong Kong.

All easyCorp clients can enjoy Complimentary business bank account opening referral services to banks in Hong Kong or Overseas. For details, please contact our team!